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On behalf of our Panhellenic Executive Board and all of the established chapters- compromised of 6 National Panhellenic Conference Chapters and 1 Associate Sorority Chapter- I warmly welcome you to Marquette and our Marquette Page! I am honored to have been entrusted to represent and serve the remarkable Greek Community at Marquette as the Panhellenic Association (PHA) President. The members of our community are intelligent, goal, and service-driven individuals who continuously strive to pave the way for excellence not only for themselves but for others. Through various leadership opportunities, our Greek women continuously discover new skill sets and passions within our community and serve as an inspiration to those around them.  When forming part of our Greek community, members develop genuine connections not only within their own chapter sisters but throughout all of our sororities. Our 1000+ Panhellenic members aim to utilize their experiences to enrich their undergraduate experience and excel in scholarship, leadership, philanthropy, and community service all while building lifelong friendships and bonds of sisterhood.


Through my experience as a chapter woman and serving on Panhellenic Council for the past two years, I have grown tremendously as an individual as well as a leader. Upon my arrival at Marquette University as a freshman, I was excited for a new beginning. Although I enjoyed my high school experience, I regret my lack of membership in extracurriculars and sticking to the status quo. I always wanted to have my voice heard but lacked the confidence and belief in myself. I was very iffy about going through the recruitment process as I felt like it wasn’t for me, but decided to give it a try last moment. That choice became a pivotal moment in my collegiate experience, as I gained a greater sense of bravery, confidence, community, sisterhood, and self-love. Being surrounded by such driven women, in my chapter, and on the council, has continuously opened my eyes to new perspectives. Also, it has inspired me to be my most authentic self. I love and appreciate getting to know women in the Panhellenic community and seeing the brilliance they bring to the table. Every passing day, I am so grateful that I decided to join the Panhellenic community and for the opportunities that have come my way. After witnessing how much passion and potential our community holds, I felt a personal duty to continue our growth in diversity, inclusivity, empowerment, involvement on campus, and Panhellenic unity.

I have seen first-hand how strong-willed and exceptional Greek women can truly generate change when coming together. From supporting one another through academic, professional, and personal goals, to raising thousands of dollars for the Milwaukee Public Schools Foundation, our Greek community is nothing short of powerful. Each chapter has gone above and beyond to support its philanthropies through fundraising events, educational programs, and locally volunteering. The 2022 Executive Board is actively striving to provide a passionate, safe, and inclusive environment for active and potential members — to flourish and foster positive connections in Greek Life. As a cohesive and supportive executive board, our goals for this 2022 term are based on inclusivity, accountability, membership recognition, and community support —both here at Marquette and beyond. 


As President, the goals I have personally set for this term are adding a DEI position to our council, becoming more involved with other campus organizations, hosting Panhellenic events that are welcoming to all students, and establishing a stronger presence of unity amongst our chapters. As we are gradually exiting a pandemic that prevented in-person events and experiences, I yearn to return to the collaborative engagement that existed pre-COVID-19. 

Please keep in mind that the Panhellenic Council deeply cares for our chapter women and potential new members and desires to maximize their experiences. We are open and appreciative to new ideas and perspectives, and encourage all to reach out and help make us better. The health, safety, and well-being of all members of the Marquette and Milwaukee community will always be our primary mission.


I encourage you to look through our website and social media (@marquettepanhellenic on Instagram) in hopes that through these outlets, you can gain a greater understanding of the many resources and opportunities we have made available through our Panhellenic Council. As always, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Be the Difference.


Natasa Paleothodoros

Panhellenic President 2022

A letter from our president

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