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From all seven chapters represented within the Marquette Panhellenic community, we are so glad you’ve come across our page and are getting to know what it’s like being a member of the Panhellenic Association (PHA). As President of the PHA, I have witnessed firsthand the bonds that are formed within this community, both within a single chapter and across them. Alpha Xi Delta has given me someplace to come home to, but I have also been lucky enough to make friends I can Spring Break with from Alpha Chi Omega, coworkers I can joke around with from Sigma Kappa, and women who will make sure I’ll get home safe from Kappa Delta. Of course, these are just a few examples of the innumerous relationships I have formed while being a part of Greek Life here at Marquette, and similar experiences are also just the tip of the iceberg for any Panhellenic woman. The women within the Panhellenic community have truly changed me for the better.


Every single person within our community is caring, selfless, brave, and driven. It’s inspiring to watch these women I care so deeply for raise thousands of dollars for their own and each other’s philanthropies, work tirelessly to find every woman a home during both formal and informal recruitment, and even just offer a smile to someone wearing their letters on the way to class. Not only are these women incredibly involved within the Marquette Panhellenic community, but outside of it as well. There are Greek women scoring highly competitive internships, working for non-profits, and founding their own clubs and fundraisers to serve Milwaukee (and beyond) as a whole.


As the President, I am deeply committed to building the Panhellenic Association back up after the Covid-19 pandemic brought life to a standstill. I want to bring more women home now that we are able to be back together again, and intend to do that through fostering a sense of inclusion within our community as a whole. I’ll start by introducing events like dress drives during Semi-Formal and Formal season and another clothing drive during recruitment for basics women might need then. I also want to focus on making sure that all of our chapters feel like they’re a valuable part of our community. I’ll do so by planning events that will foster more involvement and team-building; Greek Week is one example, which is also being brought back to its full glory from before the pandemic. As for diversity, I’d like to get Marquette’s Panhellenic Council to work more with the cultural sororities and fraternities on campus. The introduction of a new VP Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion position will ensure that goals like these are a priority of our Executive Board.


Ultimately, I am in this position because I want to give back to the community that has given me so much already. As President, I will put everything into making sure women have as positive an experience as I have thus far. I want to be someone people can lean on; I want to ensure this community stays as strong as it ever has, and grows even stronger. Please look through our website and social media (@marquettepanhellenic on Instagram) keeping in mind my own testimony as you do so. I know you can find your home within this community– I sure did.


Panhel love,

Samantha De Leon

Panhellenic President 2023

A letter from our president

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