The Recruitment Process


Formal Recruitment

The Panhellenic Formal Recruitment process allows potential members to visit each sorority to find a group of women that feels like a home away from home. Chapters will share information about their philanthropies, sisterhood, values, leadership opportunities, and personal and academic development programs.  Formal Recruitment is a mutual selection process. At the end of each round, chapters will select potential members to invite back to their next event and potential members will select chapters as well. 

Our Formal Recruitment process takes place at the beginning of the Spring semester. Women are eligible to participate in Formal Recruitment if they have completed at least 12 Marquette University approved course credits. Due to COVID-19, we will be having a hybrid recruitment experience. If you are more comfortable being fully virtual, we will be offering that as an option. 


If you have any questions, please contact the Panhellenic Recruitment Team at

2022 Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment Schedule

Tuesday, January 25th: Recruitment 101 Night (via Zoom)

Wednesday-Thursday, January 26th-27th: Meet the Chapters Round (via Zoom)

Friday, January 28th: Philanthropy Round (in person) 

Saturday, January 29th: Preference Round (in person)

Sunday, January 30th: Bid Day (in person)

Registration Costs & Deadlines

Registration for Marquette’s Panhellenic Formal Recruitment process is free.


Letters of Recommendation, Resumes, and Other Materials

There are no additional materials required for Panhellenic Formal Recruitment (including headshots, letters of recommendation, and resumes). Please do not send these to the Panhellenic Recruitment Team. If a sorority alumna or active member wishes to submit a letter of recommendation, she should follow the national organization’s process. 


Outfit Ideas

  • Meet the Chapters Round: This will be the most informal night, so a nice top and jeans is perfect! 

  • Philanthropy Round: Nicer jeans, pants, a skirt and a cute top or a casual dress are all great options! Chapter women will be a bit more dressed up. 

  • Preference Round: Dress like you are going to a wedding, luncheon, or ceremony. Cocktail dresses are suggested. Sorority women typically wear dresses. 

  • Bid Day: Wear what you are most comfortable in but be sure your outfit includes a zip-up jacket. You will receive and change into your t-shirt at the Post Office and will keep it covered by your jacket until the reveal. Remember: Keep your chapter a secret! 

Informal Recruitment

The Panhellenic Council does sponsor an Informal Recruitment period. This is a period called Continuous Open Bidding. Not all chapters participate as it depends on chapter size. Please contact the Panhellenic Recruitment Team for more information.

New Member Information

Click here to learn about the New Member Process at Marquette.

Thank you for your interest in the 6 National Panhellenic Conference chapters and 1 affiliate chapters at the Marquette University!